Don’t Forget The Sign-in/Escort Cards

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Your sign-in table and escort card/seating chart for your wedding is going to be the first decoration that your guests are going to see coming into your reception. Many brides forget to decorate these tables. You can really convey your theme for your wedding here and you can give your guest a nice “WOW” factor coming into the reception!

Finding your “Wow” factor can be as easy as adding a few props on the table or multiple small floral decorations. We have all seen the traditional sign-in table with the one large centerpiece with the escort cards around it and a sign-in book thrown in the middle. This can be nice, but let’s step out of the box to look at some new ideas for this portion of your wedding décor. First, remember, if you have escort cards on a table separate from your sign-in table, make sure to coordinate them with each other and your overall theme. Also, if you have a significant number of attendees and you are planning a specific seating arrangement, organize your cards in alphabetical order, not by table number. This is easier for the guests to find their names.


If you are going for the popular vintage theme for your wedding, here are some original ideas.

Use an old French paned door panel, assigning one pane to every table or one pane for the names in alphabetical order.

You can try using old fashion vintage keys with a piece of paper attached to it with the person’s name and a cute saying, such as “this is the key to your seat.”

Using a vintage partition can be different. String twine from end to end and hang the names on the strings. If it is a padded partition, use corsage pins to attach the cards.

Putting props on the sign-in table that coordinate with your theme will help keep everything cohesive.  For this theme you can use some unique old crates, or some fancy old trunks and suitcases stacked on top of each other to give a very elegant look.

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 If you are planning a garden wedding here are some ideas for you!

Find a medium-size stepladder and place pots of herbs or flowers on each step. Either clothespin a list to the bucket, or use plant marker sticks to arrange them in a creative way.

Tying cards on a garden trellis is a elegant idea too. Draping florals or garland on top of the trellis will really finish the look perfectly. 

As for your sign-in table, a very original idea is to use a large slice of a tree trunk for the guest to sign instead of the traditional sign in book. You can shellac the tree trunk after the wedding and use it as decoration in your new home!

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If you really want to go all out with you escort cards, then why not make them wedding favors for your guests to enjoy. The vintage key idea above is an example of this. Now, just remember this will still need to be cohesive with your wedding theme.  Here is a list of items you guest can enjoy that night or even enjoy after the wedding.

Something your guests can enjoy for days to come is a small potted succulent plant. This will really match the garden theme above. Succulents are easy to take care of and do not take much water,which makes it easy for most people to take care of.  Put their name on an attached tag or even better write it on the pot!

One idea that I love is homemade jams- especially for a  spring/ summer garden wedding.  Just place a piece of fabric on top of the jar to match your color scheme, and attach their name on the string.

A generally a cost effective favor would be to use candy.  Just add a tag with their name to the piece of candy or have a tag sticking out of it like the pic below. 

Finally, glass bottles full of any variety of items such as sodas, olive oils you made or even dried herbs, would be very unique and different. Just hang or attached the name tag to the neck of the bottle.

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Just remember, when having assigned seating and escort cards, it is important to organize them in an understandable order. If someone other than yourself is setting up this table for you, do a mock up of the display beforehand on your dinning room table, take a picture of it and send it to them. This way you know it is going to be set up properly!  Have fun with this!

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