Don’t Let The Rain Ruin Your BIG Day!

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They say that rain on your wedding day is good luck, but it usually doesn’t feel like it. It’s your day, so why has Mother Nature made this about her?!

Luckily rain on your big day isn’t the end of the world. If you’re in Central Texas, like us, you aren’t used to rain; however, when it comes, it comes down hard. We’re here to share with you five ways to deal with rain on your wedding day so that it turns out to be just as special as you have always imagined!

Be aware that it can happen.
Don’t be that bride that assumes that nothing can wrong. No matter how wonderful your coordinator or your venue is, there is only so much that she can control, and rain is not one of them. Understand that rain, snow and wind can, and might, happen. It isn’t your bad luck, or a curse, it is weather and it is uncontrollable. One bride said, “You cannot control the weather and some things are meant to be – do not stress.”

Have a plan in case Mother Nature sneaks in and tries to rain on your parade.
Many times brides ask the dreaded question, “But what will we do if it rains?” and it is important that you and your wedding coordinator go over exactly that. If you are planning an outdoor ceremony or reception, it is essential that you create a plan that will accommodate the weather, so that you aren’t blowing away with the wind as you say, “I do.”

Get creative and use the rain to your advantage.
Most photographers know that overcast days can create the best lighting for photos, so use that rainy day to make you look the best you can in your bridal portraits. Lauren Morgan added, “the wedding pictures turned out awesome because of the sky.” When it rains you also get to appreciate the inside beauty of your venue that you may have not focused on before. By being restricted to inside you can create photos that are one of a kind and just as beautiful as outdoor photos.

Take pictures before or after your wedding to avoid inside pictures!
If you don’t like the idea of indoor pictures and your heart is set on outside bride and groom pictures, then plan for a day before or after that you can take pictures outside! Your photographer and venue should be open to a make-up session after your wedding day because of poor weather on the day of. Then you have beautiful pictures from the day of and your second session, so you’re winning either way!

Dance in it!
Although a lot of brides don’t want to picture their first dance in the rain, there isn’t much a bride can do to stop the rain if it’s coming down in your area. Being aware that the rain and unfortunate weather conditions CAN happen it takes the stress away from worrying about it happening. If you’re daring enough go out and dance in the rain to make your first dance even more memorable… although we can’t promise that all your guests will follow.

Lauren Morgan, of La Plata, Maryland, shared her story with us on how she dealt with a soggy week before her wedding day…

“First we called our venue to give us options, then we called a tent rental, luckily they had a tent available! My friends went on Pinterest and were finding cute pictures to take in the rain and I ordered my something blue rain boots as my calm down present to myself. We also ordered clear umbrellas for the bridal party…
“There was nothing to do but accept the fact it was going to rain. I woke up and it was pouring. My poor makeup artist couldn’t even get any natural light because of how gloomy it was. So I decided I CAN dance in the rain, take cute rain pictures to make up for all the outdoor images I wanted. I decided to let it be and have fun with my girls while getting ready. It had cleared up a little and I decided to go for it. The people who are at your wedding really won’t care if they get wet. After all this day is for you and your fiancé.”

At Thistlewood Manor w11148777_10155763552245338_1489952711084081095_ne have options for you and your guests in case of rain, which have been put into plan many times before! Rarely is it constantly raining and our patio is a great alternative to an outdoor ceremony.  The patio can seat over a hundred guests and is positioned right at the back doors of the venue. By utilizing our patio your guests and wedding party can still enjoy an outdoor ceremony but not in a puddle filled lawn. Our expansive ballroom can provide a fully indoor ceremony and reception where you and your groom can spend the evening completely dry! Our French doors offer views of our fountain and garden which can bring the outdoor aspect into your big day without the rain to go with it.

The rain from Hurricane Patricia this past weekend did not affect our bride and the day went on as planned. She said,                “I do not care about the rain since it is so beautiful inside Thistlewood.”  

We want your big day to be as stress-free and beautiful as you’ve been picturing your entire life, let us help you create that day, rain or shine!

Written by Jalyn Hall

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