Dream Wedding With A Budget

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You just found the love of your life! Congratulations! This is one of the most exciting times of your life. As soon as you get engaged you want to start planning your wedding. The first tasks you do are going to Pinterest or grab a magazine and start dreaming up your wedding. Second, you realize you should create a budget. Hopefully you have saved money from the past to pay for your wedding or your parents are paying for most it, either way there is always going to be a budget. The problem is coordinating the two of these first tasks together. Not everyone knows how to plan a wedding, unless you are a professional coordinator and most of us are not. So how do you end up with the wedding of your dreams without being to discourage with your budget. I’ll help you with that!

Lets get down to the details of every wedding. Yes, you have a budget. Unfortunately, not everyone sticks with that set price after all is said and done, and that’s ok! Most couples going into the planning process think that a cake might only cost $500 when in reality a small/ slightly decorated wedding cake is going to cost $1000. Or you found a wedding venue that is $500 more than your expected allowance. There you go you just added on $1000. This process can add up very quick!

So first tip take some time and talk to your fiancé(e) and figure out how much money you can spend on your own. Then if it is not enough after shopping around then do not be afraid to ask for parents or guardians to help out. They might actually feel honored that they get to help you with this process. Just make sure you show your gratification in their help! If this is not an option see how you can come up with some money on the side like selling homemade crafts, or having a garage sale.

Secondly, the guests list! You really need to put pen to paper and figure out how much you can actually spend on food, beverages and decorations. Then decide if you can afford to invite the whole gang or if only immediate family can be invited. Yes this is a hard process to go though, and it maybe hard to not invite everyone out of fear you will hurt his or her feelings. However, you must remember this is your wedding! You really do only want your true loved ones that you know will be with you to the very end to come and celebrate that special day with you.

Third, you need to make a list of the 3 most important aspects of your wedding. Once you have decided on these then you know where to spend the money and where to cut back. Based on some national studies the most memorable parts to guests at a wedding are the dress, atmosphere, and the food. Remember this is your wedding day! Make sure you are in love with everything you choose! If something is just a little more than expected, that is ok! You want to look back at your pictures and say yeah I’m glad I did skimp on price when it came to my venue, decorations, cake or whatever your fancy is!

After all of this you can start turning your dream wedding into a reality. If you are still having a hard time actually understanding the prices of vendors go on to wedding sites (knot), look up statistics and see where you plan is falling and compare to the average wedding costs. Yes you can stick with in a budget for your wedding, and please do! The biggest thing to remember is your budget needs to be flexible. You should prioritize, re-evaluate and then plan. Also keep in mind this is your wedding! You want to make this a special day. Having a few extra surprises in your wedding like lots of flowers, a candy bar or a photo both (whatever fits your personal style) is going to make your wedding fun and something to remember. Then finally if you and your fiancé(e) are completely in love with everything you have planned then you have created the wedding of your dreams!

By: Leslie J. Hayes

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