Groom’s Cake!

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Originating in England, a groom’s cake is now a widely accepted tradition that involves something we all love – cake! This cake has been traditionally made from dark chocolate and incorporated fruit or liqueur, countering the “feminine,” light flavors of a traditional wedding cake. Since the art of wedding cakes has taken off, and new flavors are introduced all the time, the idea of a groom’s cake has become a way to show a bride’s appreciation for her groom.

This special cake for the groom is considered a gift from the bride to showcase him on a day that is often centered on her. Often these cakes are filled with personality and created after things that the groom loves most, whether it be his beloved sports team, a favorite hobby or the 1972 Chevy that his dad gave him. Almost always in the groom’s favorite flavor, it serves as a reminder that he is appreciated.

When should you serve the groom’s cake? That’s completely up to you! Many brides opt to have the groom’s cake served at the rehearsal dinner so that it doesn’t go unnoticed in the craziness of the wedding day. Other brides have their groom’s cake set up next to the main wedding cake for guests to enjoy at the reception.

Rumor has it that if a single woman takes a piece of the groom’s cake home and sleeps with it under her pillow, then she will dream of her future husband– but we aren’t making any promises! And it could be a little messy! We picked some of our favorite groom’s cakes to share with you! The last 3 cakes are by one of our favorite bakers Candace Powell with Simply Delicious here in Kyle Texas! Enjoy!

grooms cake5 grooms cake3

grooms cake4 grooms cake2

grooms cake1 grooms cake7

grroms cake7 grroms cake6

Written by: Jalyn Hall

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