Hot Floral Trend: Hanging Arrangements

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We are in love with these hanging arrangement ideas! You can most certainly pull off these looks for your ceremony site at our cluster of tress or under an arch. Hang individual bud vases with crystals from the trees, lanterns filled with flowers or pomanders, or garlands of flowers and organza. We have some sweet chandeliers to combine with these ideas, too.  Furthermore, our courtyard is expansive, so if you always dreamed of an outdoor tent wedding you can definitely have that here! With a tent you can introduce these amazing hanging chandelier and guest table arrangements to your reception. The outdoor ceremony site possibilities are endless here at Thistlewood!

Inside our ballroom, the chandeliers are so amazingly beautiful that no one has yet ventured into this territory, but that does not mean it is not doable. We have been discussing some ideas that you may want to explore here – including adding some hanging flowers to the chandeliers or stringing a design between our lovely columns. Enjoy these beautiful pictures below and more on our Pinterest board: Gorgeous Florals.



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By: Leslie Hayes

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