Inspiring Wedding Favors that you and your guests will love!

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Some brides ask, “Do I need to give out wedding favors?” My answer is yes!  Your guests take time from their busy lives to share in one of the biggest days of your life and most likely brought you a gift here or at a shower beforehand.  It is true that you are probably feeding them and more, but a little note or gift of appreciation goes a long way.  Give them something to remind them of this day and you… to pray for you and remember you.

Your favor is simply a token of appreciation, so there is no need for it to be expensive.  These tokens can add to the decor of the table or be handed out as your guests depart.  Whether they are to enjoy it that night or hold onto it forever, here’s a little inspiration to get you started on ideas for your guest’s gifts. Your guests will love these favors just as much as you do!

Keepsakes:  Everyone collects keepsakes!  Make your gift one that they will keep, even use, forever like a picture frame or a “With Love” stamp!  You could also hire a caricature artist as a fun alternative to a photo booth who creates masterpieces for them.  CDs with a playlist of the songs you played at your wedding or other favorites can be a fun unexpected gift as well.

stamp frame cd  costerscaricature

Yummy Treats:  Your guests are often too full to enjoy their cake, or perhaps you have extra leftover.  Mini cake boxes are a great way for your guests to enjoy their cake later, or you can fill such boxes with some other mini treats.  One last bit to eat, like a baked pretzel, is a unique idea for them as they head to the care.  Herb bath salts, potpourri, or other homemade treats are sure to please in some special container.

food cake

salt cakepop cookies

We hope this helped you with another of the many details for your wedding. We are always posting new ideas on our Pinterest boards.  See here for more Favors, Gifts & More.


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