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Hi everyone, it’s me Leslie, the on site wedding coordinator for Thistlewood Manor, again. Another one of my ticks of trade I have is working with wedding gowns for 4 years while receiving a fashion design degree. Choosing your wedding gown can be a very trying process that can get very discouraging and frustrating. I’m here today to help you find that perfect dress for your very special day, and hopefully take away some of that stress related to gown shopping. So you can go on to Pinterest and look up these pictures depicting what dress is best for what body type. However choosing your wedding dress is far more detailed then just a standard picture from Pinterest.

When choosing your dress you need to stay true to yourself first! Think about the type of clothing you are use to wearing. If you are known for wearing babydoll shaped sundresses maybe you should think about an empire ballgown for your wedding. If you like to show off  a little then a mermaid gown is right up your alley. Maybe you’re a little more conservative try on a sheath dress this will probably the most comfortable dress for you. Also take into consideration if you are a traditional girl that loves lace or a flashy girl with rhinestones and crystals.

So yes your body shape does play a major role in choosing your gown but stick with your personal style first then add on all the extras. We have all heard this before:


Hourglass shapes wear a Sheath, Mermaid or Empire.

 Inverted Triangle wear a Ballgown

Rectangle/ Slim/ Petite shapes wear a Sheath or Mermaid.

 Pear shapes wear a Ballgown or Empire.

Apple/ Full Figured shapes wear a Ballgown

Yes for the most part this is true. All of these gowns do have a general shape to them that does hide certain problem areas. However, we need to go into more detail for you to understand why they work for certain body types. An easier way to look at all these shapes is this:

 A-line: Perfect for all brides and a very classic look. Full figured brides look amazing in this shape, for it hides almost everything, especially paired with a v-neck.

ZAFIRO_B a-lineTERI_B a-line

Empire: This dress has much versatility. It is fitted from the bust and then flares out. Some empires can have a ball gown skirt or just a simple sheath bottom. This is another dress for any body shape. The empire elongates any bride and hides any unwanted areas. So if you are a petit bride this dress is your best friend, for it will give the illusion you are taller.

5MT012 empireCALAIS_B empire

 Sheath: This dress is the perfect conservative dress, it does not highlight any areas because it is one basic shape. Another way to describe this dress is a column shape. Petite brides once again look perfect in this dress because it will elongate your size. It also looks great on slender brides too, because it shows your body as it is with no extra volume.

D1962_alt1_detail sheathTAIMA_B sheath

 Ballgown: This is the perfect princess dress and is great for most brides. If you are slender waist this is a great dress for you because it is going to emphasize your tinniest area.  Also, if you are a pear shape this is a great dress for you too. Pears tend to have tiny waists so this will be emphasized and your hips are going to be camouflage with the large skirt. The only bride that should stay clear of this dress are our shorter brides. This large skirt will be too large for your small frame and will make you look shorter. 

PRISMAL_B ball5826_alt1_detail ball gown

Trumpet: Some brides might get confused with this shape, as it is very similar to a mermaid. However this dress shape is fitted through the natural hipbone then will flare out for the skirt. Some trumpet dresses will have an asymmetrical bodice to create the skirt and others will be slightly fitted and slowly flare out. Trumpet dresses are great again for full hip girls and slender tops, for you upper half through the natural hip will be accented in this dress. This dress will also elongate the petite bride and make your mid section look longer.

SALENA_B trmpetSEMILLA_B trumpet

Mermaid: This is the ultimate fitted dress through the low hips with a flared skirt. It looks amazing on the hourglass or slender brides. Just because your not one of these shapes doesn’t mean you can’t wear this dress. If you are pear shape or apple you can still wear this dress. The mermaid is for the bride that doesn’t mind to show it off.  Just a fair warning your lower half is going to be really emphasized with this dress.

SIGAL_B mermaidmermaid lazaro-bridal-beaded-embroidered-fit-and-flare-tulle-strapless-sweetheart-elongated-wave-horsehair-chapel-3553_zm

Finally, the last step to picking out your dress is choosing the neckline. A neckline can play a very important role in emphasizing or camouflaging areas of your body.

 V-Neck/ Halter: This is a very flattering neckline for most brides. It is best known to minimize busts. Hence, this is perfect for the full figured girls! However, keep in mind this does go all the around your neck. If you have a short neck this neckline will give this appearance of it being shorter.

12934C v neckv-neck lazaro-bridal-alencon-lace-trumpet-v-neckline-beaded-necklace-jeweled-appliques-natural-chapel-train-3501_x2

Straight necklines: This neckline prevents you from looking too busty. So this will look great on the medium to heavy busted brides. Some brides might say “If it is a strapless dress then there is nothing to support me!.” These days dressmakers go though many trade secrets, like boning, to make sure that your dress will stay up no matter what! Trust me it will help camouflage!

2222_Close_Up stight4MS971 stright

Sweetheart: A very feminine neckline that works great with the girly girls. This neckline is perfect for small to medium busts girls because it will emphasize your bust. The sweetheart will give you the appearance of having much more than you do!

582_main_detail sweeth687_main_detail sweeth

Beteau/ boat neck/ off the shoulder: These necklines are wide and they will elongate your shoulders. From this they give you a fuller looking bust! So if you have a petite bust or small shoulders this is the neckline for you. If you have broad shoulder you might want to rethink wearing this kind of neckline.

12952A off the shZAINALA_D off shoulder

Round neck: This neckline is great for most shapes. It will camouflage full figured busts. Secondly, round necklines extend all the way up to the collarbone, so if you have a short neck once again this will make your neck look shorter.

ZINA_D round neckD1549_alt1_detail round neck

 Asymmetrical/ One shoulder: If you want to go with something totally different for your wedding day this is for you! It looks great on the slimmer shoulder brides because once again it broadens their shoulders.

SADIE_D asym neckVHC331C asym neck

By: Leslie J. Hayes

Pictures sourced by links to designers/website

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