Portraits of Art

Portraits of Art
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We wanted to share with you these stunning sunset portraits of some few newly-wed couples here at Thistlewood. While enhancing the natural beauty of our growing landscaping, a beautiful sunset can transform a regular portrait into a piece of art. Are you planning sunset or dusk photos for your wedding day? Here are a few tips for you to achieve these spectacular shots. First, timing is everything! You will need to allot about 45 minutes or more for this session to get the perfect transition of the sky. We understand leaving your guests for almost an hour might not be ideal in the middle of your reception, but they generally understand, and may enjoying watching the process.  Depending on the season, this could even be during dinner, and therefore, barely noticed.  Otherwise if the dancing is fun, they will be fine.  You could make a plan with your DJ for something special to keep them happy during this time.  Of course, it is critical that you discuss the idea with your photographer beforehand, and together find the best spots and times to capture the best light. To achieve a full sun background, plan to start 30 to 45 minutes before sunset. (Note: You can find out sunset times online even months ahead.)  For a lovely dusk setting, wait until about 20 minutes before sunset. The sun will be dropping into the horizon, and your photographer will have just enough time to get a few shots of the colorful skies followed by a couple at nightfall. Working with your planner/coordinator and your photographer, you all can create a timeline that starts your ceremony early enough to allow for this extra photo session.  “Extra” because it is in addition to the group session following the ceremony when most of your guests are enjoying cocktails and hor d’oeuvres, and also takes 45 minutes to 1 hour.  Proper planning is the key!  So work with your planner and photographer to make a plan!  Below are some beautiful couples at different seasons here at Thistlewood Manor.




Tyler of The Mill Photography Studio

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Robinwood Photography


Jeff Loftin Photography


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