Skip the Petals and the Pillow

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Let’s think outside of the box! We have all been to weddings with the flower girl tossing petals, and the ring bearer holding a pillow. But just because this is customary, doesn’t mean your little ones have to carry on the tradition!  Dramatic flowers, flowing ribbon wands, a sweet parasol, various halos, or a crystal adorned pomander are some adorable ideas for your flower girl.  What about a “fairy lantern” made of a grapevine ball filled with LED lights, especially if your wedding is near dark?  The “Here Comes the Bride” sign is becoming popular, and there are many ways to make yours unique. For instance, a banner between two children is cute.

As for the boys, most brides get nervous about him losing the rings. A great way to keep this cute tradition is make sure they are tied down or otherwise attached to a special container. There are many amazing container options these days that are available and are beyond the pillow. So be creative when planning for his box. You will find some great ideas in the pictures below. Your florist could even make a small garland wreath to slip the rings on of a more natural look.

Is your walk down the isle a long one? Are your little ones too young to make it down that long isle? Another adorable idea for these kiddos is to find a little wagon that an older child can pull him or her in. The children always bring a little extra charm, and often humor, to your ceremony, so make it fun for them to be there.


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