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Blue weddings have always been a very classic, elegant theme and never goes out of style! Yet, this color is slowly gaining even more in popularity, especially this upcoming fall and winter season. Here at Thistlewood Manor we are very excited to see how many brides will be coordinating their weddings in this classic, elegant affair. However, from my personal experience in planning and designing weddings, this is one of the hardest color themes to coordinate. The reason is because your flower decor is a very important element for bringing color to your event. Think about it: your flowers are everywhere, and this is traditionally where most brides and coordinators put their wedding color. Unfortunately, there are only a very small number of flowers that come in a natural blue. Hence this causes a predicament on planning blue weddings! Here, however, I will show you how to create the perfect blue wedding theme.

First, you need to decide where to add blue as an accent color. Next, choose if you want to use natural blue flowers in your decor. Lastly, you need to pick a complementing color. Having a complementary color is going to save you some heartache and stress. Not only will this second color help your planning process, but it will also enhance the blue and make your table-scape pop! Coordinating colors I recommend using are: white, ivory, silver, gold, green, pink, coral, marsala, and yellow.

 When it comes to using blue, you have several options to make a large impact. One place is in your wedding parties’ attire. A very classic look for your wedding is to dress the groomsmen in navy blue suits and your bridesmaids in matching dresses. If you are planning for a lighter blue with more of a white/ivory/silver theme, use grey suits with blue ties, then you can still keep your bridesmaids in a dress to match. You can also add blue with your tablecloths. Placing these only on on your head/sweetheart table or other specialty tables, such as the cake, sign-in, and gift tables, gives you a more muted look with a pop of color. For a more dramatic look you can cover all of your guest and specialty tables in the same shade. If your wedding venue already offers linens in ivory or white simply fold a blue napkin at every guest place setting, this will add a large impact with out needing to rent upgraded tablecloths. Table runners are also another way to acquire your color with white or ivory linens. Finally another fun way to add blue is by renting blue glassware like glass plates or gob

 If your heart is set on having natural flowers in shades of blue, here is a list from which you can choose.

Hydrangea                                            Agapanthus

 blue-hydrangea-painted        agapanthus

Iris                                                              Thistle

iris      thistle

Cornflower                                              Delphinium

 cornflower       delphinium



Keep in mind even though these flowers are labeled blue, they might have a lavender hue to them. This is simply nature. To fix this little problem, you can ask your florist if they are experts at tinting flowers. If they are, they can enhance the natural blue with a few sprays of floral tint.

Finally, here are a few inspirational pictures that can aid you in choosing your complimentary color.  Also check out our Pinterest Board: Wedding palettes  for more color palettes and options.

 Blue and White/Ivory                                 Blue and Silver

blue and white              blue and silver

Blue and Green                                               Blue and Pink

blue and green                         blue and pink

 Blue and Coral                                                Blue and Marsala

blue and coral              blue and marsala


Blue and Yellow                                              Light Blue and Marsala

blue and yellow                 dusty blue and cranbery

Light Blue and Coral                                   Light Blue and White/Ivory

light b and coral                 light b and iv

     Navy and Gold                                        Light Blue and Gold

blue and gold             light blue and gold

I hope this helps those of you who are planning a blue wedding! Good luck, and we look forward to seeing all the beautiful pictures from this seasons popular wedding theme!

pictures sourced by links to Pinterest/websites.

By: Leslie Hayes

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