Twice The Use: wedding decor to use even after the wedding.

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Decorating a wedding can be a very expensive task. Especially when you go out and buy 15 candlestick holders or vases and then after the wedding you have no idea what to do with them. Yes there are bridal garage sales that you can go to and sell your wedding décor. However you will not get the full price for them.  Here are 7 ideas that you can use on your wedding day and even after!

 If you are planning an outdoor wedding ceremony but yet you still want to do a unity candle, you might think well how am I going to keep them lit? You can buy glass hurricanes that match your wedding theme and your house decorations. This way you can put them on your mantel or on a shelf in your house. Then as you pass by it you will always be reminded of the unity you and your husband made for years to come.


Texans are known for loving the outdoors. Here is a way to coordinate that with your wedding. Centerpieces for every wedding seem to be just thrown into the trash that night or a few days later. A fun way to add flowers to your guest tables but still be able to use them for years to come is potted plants. You can do multiple small ones on one table and place a written card on the table explaining this is a favor for the guest to take home, or you can do large plants for you to take home. You and your future husband can plant them together in the new house you and your husband will start your new lives together. An extra tip if you are planning a spring wedding hydrangea plants are in season and very cost effective compared to wedding centerpieces and you can get 3 to 5 blooms per plant!


 Another Centerpiece idea that can be used again is planter boxes. You can make them very easily out of paint stir sticks. Another extra tip if you notice someone is taking down a old fence you can ask if you can take the load off their hands for free and you get a more rustic look with your planter boxes! You once again can do plants in them or you can make floral arrangements in them for a country chic look. This look works very well here in the Texas Hill Country.


Lanterns are also a nice touch for guest tables. This design will give you a very clean and modern look, yet enhances a natural design for your wedding. If you are planning a garden wedding this will fit perfectly. You can make terrariums with them, have small floral arrangements flowing out of them or just simple pillar candles in them. Just pick some out with your fiancé(e) that match both your styles and you can decorate your back patio with them later. Another tip: they do not have to match. You can make you wedding look very vintage or country chic when you have a collection of different lanterns on each guest table, just stick with you and your fiancé(e)s style so you can use them again.


Now if you have a very handy father or future husband this is a project for them to get involved in the wedding! Building you very own wedding arch is something that can be completely customizable to your tastes. Then after the wedding is over you can set it up in your back yard. How fun would it be to sit underneath the very arch you two got married under in your very own back yard on a nice cool Texas night!


I am in love with this next idea! It can be  is a little more expensive to start off with but pays off in the long run! If you and your fiancé(e) want to decorated your house in old antiques and give your home an old world or restoration hardware feel then this is the theme for you, a vintage/  roaring 20’s wedding theme . You can go out to antique stores purchase old trunks, typewriters, lanterns, gramophones, glasses, cameras etc… and you can use these items as the guest table decor. Talk about a showstopper, unique wedding! You can add flowers to them like the middle picture below or you can just use the decor. Then voila! You and your fiancé(e) have all the decor you need to decorated your new house together as Mr. & Mrs.!


Now here is fun add on, but can still use after the weeding:  Mr. and Mrs. forks. These are unique extras that you can splurge on and have yet another memento. You can use them either at dinner or to feed each other during cake cutting. Then when your anniversary comes up you can reuse them at a romantic dinner for two at home.


There you have it, 7 unique ways to decorate your wedding with items that you do not have to sell after the wedding. You can enjoy these items for years after the wedding and every time you and your new husband/wife walk by you will be reminded of your special bond you two made! 

By: Leslie J. Hayes

Pictures sourced with links to Pinterest

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