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Valentines Day is approaching soon! With this beautiful holiday coming up, we wanted to share some great ideas for those planning to celebrate your marriage on this day. Valentine’s Day dates back to the 5th century, and although the meaning behind the first celebrated Valentine’s Day is a little vague, it has come to be known as the day to proclaim your love. There is nothing more romantic than affirming your love and marriage in front of your family and friends on Valentines Day! Of course, it is a delightful theme for your wedding.

To start coordinating your Valentine’s style wedding, pick your color theme. The traditional colors for this day are red and pink, which can be a very feminine. If you would like to deepen your color scheme a bit, add purple in to the mix. The current popular color scheme of marsala and navy would even look great for this day! Alternatively, you can soften the scheme by using white or ivory with shades of pink or blush, or the 2016 Pantone Rose Quartz.

To complete your theme, make sure the night has a romantic feel, so the rest of your guests can celebrate their Valentine’s Day in the true fashion along with you. Make sure your venue has the perfect lighting with beautiful chandeliers, dimming lights, and that they allow real flame candles! All of these elements are here at Thistlewood. Everyone knows candlelight is especially romantic. Instead of creating only floral designs for all the tables, you can have ever other table filled with a  collection of candles. You can use pillars or even candelabras with tall tapered candles, we suggested using dripless candles. Spreading some rose petals at the base too invokes more romance. Red votives can especially make your tables pop with your color theme. Have you ever seen napkins folded into the shape of a heart? Done in your color scheme, this is another option to pull in your color scheme and add a sense of elegance to your reception. If you have dreamed of a wedding filled with floral arrangements, these can even be arranged to fit the theme by arranging them into subtle heart shapes. All of these decorations plus ideas from the pictures below invoke a romantic impression.

Now remember the tiny details are always what pull everything together! If you really want to carry your theme though your whole wedding here are some more ideas for you to use. Instead of a traditional sign in book, you might enjoy making your own valentines cards or boards where your guests can send you love letters of happy wishes and words of wisdom. Your invitations can even be charming Valentines cards. Then there’s your cake! For a simple elegant design place a cupid’s arrow through the middle. Finally, Valentines Day is not complete with out sweets! Make your favors heart shaped cakes or sweets or chocolates individually wrapped, either at their place settings or on a table, so everyone can take a valentine to go.


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By: Leslie Hayes

Pictures sourced with links to Pinterest

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