DIY Plans

DIY Plans
Are you a Do-It-Yourself Bride?
A table set with plates and silverware, napkins, glasses and vases.

There are lots of reasons for choosing to be a DIY Bride.

Some simply love to plan and create – plus want complete control of their wedding day, including the decor and much more.

Others, while desiring to make this day very special, simply want to save some dollars because they have other priorities for their money.

Either way, we would love to help you.

You may simply rent the beautiful venue and virtually do everything yourself!*


Our Simple Elegance Plan may be a perfect option for you! We are here to help you in whatever capacity you like – letting you be in charge of planning and designing your day – all the fun parts – but available for advice should you want it. We do believe no wedding should be attempted without a great Coordinator! They will help you with your timeline and table arrangement as you need. Then, when it comes to the actual day, we believe you (and your mom, etc.) should be able to relax and enjoy the day, and let us do all the work for you! We have some great recommendations for coordinators to help you make this happen.

Would you like to see what we have in our decor closet? You can view it on Pinterest here: Inventory.

Simple Elegance Plan

  • Onsite Venue Manager*
  • Complete Setup of tables, chairs, and ceremony chairs, plus help you with reception decor
  • Yes, we will do all the cleanup for you, too!
  • Staff for buffet or family-style dinner service
  • Attractive dinnerware, elegant flatware, and glassware, including cake plates and coffee cups
  • Floor-length linens and cloth napkins
  • Access to our inventory of decor items: votives, mini chandeliers, lanterns, candelabras, antique silver pieces, vases, etc.
  • Tea & Coffee
  • Other services and options are available.

Do you want Alcohol? Our Bar Packages are a great convenience, flexible, and very competitively priced.

*We only have 2 requirements. A professional “day-of” coordinator to make sure your day goes smoothly, and as we are licensed by TABC, should you choose to have alcohol, we will take care of everything for you onsite.