Frequently Asked Questions

How do I secure a date?
That’s easy!  All you need to do is sign our contract and pay 50% of the basic rental fee.   Of course, you will want to meet us first and tell us what you are dreaming of, so schedule a visit here!

What is included in the venue fee for Thistlewood Manor?
You have the facilities for the whole day – 10am- midnight!  Whether we are doing the set up and decorating for you, or another professional, it is fun to be onsite to see it come together while you and your girls are enjoying your time together getting all dressed up.  Our gorgeous French chairs and square tables, plus a few other tables, and the mahogany folding chairs for your ceremony are all included at no extra charge.  We also do the final cleaning for you. Other accessories and more may be available for you, too.  Please see our Rates & Amenities page for more details.

What is the capacity for guests at Thistlewood Manor?
You will be able to seat up to almost 200 guests inside the ballroom and still enjoy the dance floor.  Weather permitting, you can expand to the patio with another 60+. Of course, if you are looking for an outdoor reception or celebration, the courtyard is a half-acre of mostly open space, and simply beautiful.

Do you allow DIY Brides or have any plans for tight budgets?
Yes!  We believe in marriage, and love weddings!  Weddings should be about celebrating this special day with your friends and family, but shouldn’t break the bank!  Renting the venue only* is an option with you doing everything yourself.  However, we also have two great options from which to choose:  our DIY Plan or Bare Necessities.  Check them out on our Catering & Design page to see if one of them might work for you.  We are also flexible and would love to work with you in any way we can!

What additional requirements are there to host my wedding at Thistlewood Manor?
We really only have a couple.  For your own benefit (and your mom’s), we ask you to hire a “day-of” coordinator.  By now, you probably know that at “day-of” does not literally mean that day only, but it is somewhat limited, and allows the planner in yourself (or your friend or mom) to do as much of the “fun” stuff yourself, and leave the final details and hard work of the day to us, or the planner of your choice.   Of course, our onsite coordinators really love helping brides like you, but we also have a preferred list of some amazing ladies, especially if you want a little to a lot more help from your planner!

The other is that all alcohol is conveniently handled onsite through our licensed bar, and with guest counts of over 150, we do require Security for your event.  You will be surprised at the great value and convenience of our bar services!

Why do you require a day-of coordinator – and what about full planners?
Experience has taught us that your wedding day has many complicated details and timing issues!  This is a very special day that you and your family and friends should thoroughly enjoy without needing to worry about whether the cake is here on time or making sure your guests, DJ, and photographer are all present at the traditional, or unique, moments of the day.  She helps you make that timeline and then orchestrates it.

But that is only the beginning, she will help you with crucial planning details, and even do the table decorating for you.  We love planners and what they bring to an event or wedding… fresh ideas, good organization, and so much more.  We even recommend full planners who can do everything from designing your tables and invitations to helping you pick out your dress.  They all offer a range of services from which you may choose.  Our preferred planners have proven that they can make your day a day to remember.  Our onsite day-of coordinator may be perfect if you want to do most of the planning yourself with help in decorating, layouts, timelines, and coordinating the day!

Do you offer any onsite services? 
Yes! We have a Collection of great Plans that fit almost any circumstances! You can use our china to save dollars, and your outside caterer’s back, or have us do almost everything on site for you, or somewhere in between. Please see our Catering & Design  page for more details.

Do you have speakers or a sound system?
We do not. All of the DJ’s we have consulted with prefer to bring their own.

Do you offer a payment plan?
Yes! Ask for details.  We work with what works for you.  Credit cards may be accepted, but our prices are cash prices.

Do I need to provide my own alcohol?
No, we do all that work for you! Thistlewood Manor carries a Mixed Beverage with a Food and Beverage alcohol license so that we can handle all of your alcohol needs onsite without you needing to bother with it. Our bartenders are TABC certified, and complimentary with our bar packages. We have a variety of great alcohol packages available to fit your needs and budget.  We can also help with a variety of non-alcohol options.

Do you have Preferred Vendors?
Yes, we do! You may use almost any professional vendor you want, but since the quality of your wedding is important to us, we work to keep a list of those that we trust will go above and beyond for you.

When do we go over the details of the event?
We are always available to you – at least during office hours!  It is best to get your planner on board as soon as possible as she/he will be instrumental in helping you work out details and timing, and can even save you money with her own list of preferred professionals.  Whether you choose our coordinator or another planner, we have a sit down logistics meeting 6 months before your big day.  Our brides walk away from this meeting relieved – feeling like all is well and under control – with a solid direction!  Of course, if we are doing your catering, you will have an opportunity to come for a tasting to help decide on your menu.  Then, a final meeting is held about 30 days before your wedding to clarify all details and arrange for your rehearsal.

Can we have a reception only event?
Yes, of course, however, since are committed to hosting only one event per day, we do not offer a discount for reception only events. Many of our brides have loved being able to come early to dress plus work on decorations, then go to the church and return for the reception.  They do not have to lug their belongings around, and have the fun of being here that morning. Sometimes, we do however offer an hourly rate, with several restrictions, for smaller non-wedding gatherings that are not more than a few hours including their own setting up and cleaning up.

Where can my guests stay and is there transportation for them?
Oh my, we are so excited that as of summer 2016, we have guest lodging next door as well as guest houses within a few blocks, and 2 new hotels being built in Kyle!  Plus, we are just 15-20 minutes from south Austin, and even less to San Marcos, with a variety of options available.  If you need group transportation, we do have some great recommendations for limos, buses and specialty cars.

What happens if I have to cancel my event?
While we hope that everything goes on as you dreamed, we do recommend that you purchase Wedding Liability Insurance, for accidents, as well as Wedding/Event Cancellation Insurance. Your individual insurance carrier will be able to provide specific details, or we can recommend a provider. We will work with you in every way we can to reschedule or relocate if necessary.  Details will be provided in your contract.  Some of the wedding magazine online sites do have free insurance if you schedule a tour with us through them.

Do you provide set-up of the tables and chairs?
Generally complete set up and decorating is included in our various inclusive plans. Otherwise, this is something you work out with your outside caterer and/or planner. We can help you with the layout in our customized seating layout app at

When can I have my rehearsal?
An hour for rehearsal is included in your venue rental, and may be  scheduled 30 days prior to your event pending availability, or you may schedule it for 9:00 o’clock the morning before your event at any time.

Do you have a rain plan?
One can never be sure about the weather, but honestly, it rarely ruins a wedding.  To be safe, though, we do have the ability to flip the ballroom, and of course, there are various options for tent rentals.  Some of them are really pretty, too!  However, since it rarely rains all day, using the Patio for the ceremony has been a great option for our past bride and grooms enabling them to keep their outdoor ceremony.

Is there anything you do not allow
Not much.  We do not discriminate, and we love celebrating with couples getting married.  We also love the country in which we live where we have so many wonderful freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution, including freedom of religion.  We are a privately-owned family business who believe the Bible is the infallible Word of God, and that He gave us that Word as a revelation of Who He is and His amazing love for us. (John 1:1-18)  He is the beginning and end of Love (1John 4:7-10), but He is also a holy and righteous judge. (1Peter 1:15-16)  Read more if interested…

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